Custom Reclaimed Wood Projects in Cook County, IL

When it is time to rethink your interior design, go for something timeless. At The Old Wood Store, you will find the variety of old Antiques and  accents to define your favorite spaces. Of course, we know that unique homes and offices require a little more. After all, you deserve a property that has a distinctive ambiance.  Hire us for a custom barndoor or Accent wall using our  reclaimed wood projects in the chicagoland area.

Our team helps homeowners attain a unique look and feel to their homes. Let our knowledge and expertise work for you. By thinking outside of the box, we have a variety of items –accent walls, tables, barndoors, shelves, beams, mantles and even coffered ceilings – that will give any room a personality of its own.

Discover the Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

Imagine your common areas or offices in a new light. Reclaimed wood is well known for its many uses. Available in a variety of species and textures, it is a material that works well in any room, whether for a home or business.

The creative possibilities of reclaimed wood are virtually limitless. Whether your interior remodeling goals involve a rustic aesthetic or a contemporary flair, we will help you unlock the potential of our reclaimed wood.

We use reclaimed materials to give the wood an old look and feel. We pay attention to the details to bring out the natural beauty of each piece. Our team has worked on a variety of remodeling projects. Here are just a few of the wood projects  we have created.

 Barn doors: They are not just for stables and storehouses anymore! We custom make  barn doors in Will County, IL, and install them both indoors and outdoors.  They can look aged or new,  Add glass to give any space a commanding, yet elegant atmosphere.

Ceilings: Coffered ceilings enhance the feeling of spaciousness in any room, and its visual appeal makes the area feel much more refined. Our woodworkers craft and install ceilings made from reclaimed wood, giving any space a new life.

Beams or mantles: A Rustic Beam can add a distinct look to your ceiling in a  living room, bedroom, or kitchen.Add an old rustic 100 year old mantle to your fierplace . Pick your size 6×6 8×8 10×10. If we don’t have it we can make it or find it..  We can age it or stain it the wood for the perfect piece of décor.

View our gallery, think of something new, and let us create it for you.

Installation Made Simpler

Are you planning a remodeling project using our reclaimed wood?  We offer installation services for many of the pieces we have. We can install an accent wall, Mantle, Beam or custom barndoor or hardwear.

Contact us to request an estimate for our reclaimed wood projects in Cook County, IL. We offer installation services in the Chicagoland area, Southwest Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Southeast Wisconsin.