Safe & Thorough Barn Demolition in Will County, IL

Tearing down a barn is rough work. By hiring a team of experienced demolitionists, you will save time and energy. When you are planning to tear down your barn, leave it to The Old Wood Store to clear your land. We work thoroughly and carefully so you can build bigger and better things.

As builders and carpenters, we know how vital space can get. Let us get the results you want with our experience and expertise. Our team can handle most, if not all types of barn demolition in Will County, IL. From deconstruction to site cleanup, we perform all of the necessary steps allowing you to save your time and energy for what really matters.

Let us Handle Your Wood Structure Demolition

Choose a team that has the skills and equipment to get the job done. We arrive at every demolition site fully prepared and ready to work. By using the right tools, equipment, and vehicles, we take down wooden structures safely and methodically.

Our team is thoroughly trained to handle projects of virtually any size. We demolish most wood-based structures, including:

Barns and farmhouses: Our barn demolition in Will County, IL, is a great way to clear out buildings that are left unused or have fallen into disrepair. We will disassemble the walls, doors, framework, and hardware for you.

Decks: We facilitate deck demolition by the board. Whether your deck is attached to an existing building or an independent structure, we work carefully and leave the job site cleaner than we found it.

Docks: If your dock has been warped from water damage or age, let us clear it out. Our dock demolition service removes old, worn, and broken structures. When we are done, you will regain an unbroken view of the water again.

We Want Your Junk Wood

Old and unused wood is more than an eyesore – it is a safety hazard. A pile of junk does not just kill grass. People can get splinters from wood or infections from hardware stuck in posts and panels. Worse, troublesome pests can make these piles their home and cause a large amount of trouble.

If wood is piling up in your yard, let us take care of it. We provide wood removal and will repurpose it as exceptional barn wood for sale in Will County, IL. From broken fence posts and pickets to plywood, we will haul out the junk and make your property safe again.

Contact us to request an estimate for wood structure demolition. We proudly offer demolition services and wood for sale in Cook County, IL, Southwest Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Southeast Wisconsin.